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how to have multiple death hands/airstrikes

Striking Drekavac

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so i learned how to make multiple airstrikes and multiple death hand missiles by adding  extra ones  so can have up to 4 death hand missiles and so 4 airstrikes.


for death hand / airstrike you have to open structure editor from map editor thingy then goto units

on left menu copy ornithopter and duplicate it 1 times,name it bomber1

on rightside menu first copy ornithopter then hit "add new" and paste over it

now set the new ornithopter group to bomber 1

change prequesite to heavy factory or high tech factory (both work)

and to get total 4  copy this bomber 1 thingy twice more. just make sure to keep it bomber 1 group and change prequesites so one for high tech factory,one for light factory one for heavy factory,they will charge up but there is a massive drawback,do not let them all charge at same time or you ruin your bomb train,once one airstrike is ready launch it then next and next and next same goes with death hand missile.

this works with death hand missile too just create new group aka  NUKE and rest is same. dont forget to rename them thought


how to make instant kill death hand/airstrike ? just set damage to -1. this worked with tibed so it will work with structure editor from map editor.

multiple airstrikes/death hand missiles in missions will not benefit AI,they wont be able to use this unless they are set to enable practice mode so ai will build all four requirements..otherwise it will stack up and ends with just one death hand/airstrike.


multiple factories: well i have not found solution.. game wont let me build tanks from second heavy factory.. i just added another heavy factory group and copied atreides heavy factory and added extra tanks to game and set them to new factory. bulding behavior is set to production (heavy factory) but game keeps crashing

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