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The No-House Glitch

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Discussed deep in several threads specific to individual maps, the "no-house" glitch is when a map-maker manually places buildings near a city (or town or village), and then when the map is started, that city fails to auto-generate houses (or anything else). The glitch is actually more general than that; placing buildings not near cities can disrupt auto-generation of rural buildings in an entire econ region.

Back in my map-making heyday, this glitch caused me to give up on plopping predetermined buildings, forcing me to skew some industry parameters to almost guarantee that certain important features would generate "randomly" where needed to make a scenario work.

Well, I've recently started tinkering with the Amtrak West map (naming my version "CalTrain"). My aim is to have three major private companies on the map at the start, complete with track and stations. As I was happily clicking away to reserve tiles for the track and stations, a thought hit me: What would happen if I plopped an industrial building inside a city radius and then reserved all the cells under it? Would the auto-generator then steer clear, thus avoiding the glitch?

I'm going to test this hypothesis by plopping a bunch of buildings in various sized settlements and then starting the map a few times to see how often they fail to generate houses. Then I'll set the reserved X's under all of them to see if that cures the problem. If this works, then it opens up some fun possibilities thought long lost :)

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Sadly, after placing just two ports near two cities, I have discovered that even when I reserve all of the cells under the ports, both cities fail to generate houses (or anything else other than the ports). The reserved cells looked so promising, but alas they're just another mirage. Planting pre-set industrial buildings is hopelessly bugged  :(

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