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Custom Map/Mission for Atreides.


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I was recently playing an old DOS Gem DUNE. Which got me motivated to make my own dune 2000 mission for some reason!

I have The files down below if you want to try it? You do need one other program to run this https://www.tibed.net/tibed1/

you need to load the FunDune-Hard and write it to the game with that program then just launch the game normally with Gruntmods!!

I integrated Super Weapons so unless you dont have access to this Tech you will loose so you have to be rather quick! Im sure you will manage! i did im not the best at this game.

Anyway files down below hope you enjoy and pls do let me know what you think! : )FunDune-Hard.tib_A9V2.MIS

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You can share the mission withouth needing us to use Tibed at all.

I will tell you in short how this goes.

The new versions of the editor (Which I think gruntmods already have) it contains his own version of Tibed, but much better, with this you can do the same alterations that you may did and even more. For example, you can make barracks to need to be updates twice, you can swap the tech, the ownership, you can make any unit to be stealth and many more things that you cannot do with Tibed. That's the first recomendation I will tell.

Now, it is possible to share your altered mission with a different name if you really want. "save map as" and just whatever name, just as how some people did the 3 Final missions from the Ordos but without the reinforcements nor deliveries for you and you ally, but as the files are not called "O9v1" I won't loose the original.

And the final thing:
Currently, the launcher can apply any modded stuff you have prepare so your specific mission load with your mod, while I can just go straigh to another mission with all the vanilla missions withouth myself needing to restore anything.

This is achieve by checking this folder:

The one that sais CustomCampaignData
Inside it contains several mods and extra stuff

Every one referes to a specific or multiple mods; for example, CmBlastMisiones contains this:

Changed Dune is an specific mod to play the changed dune missions from MustaphaTR, EmperorReign is to another campaign, HammerFest is to play Feda's single mission, MapaWarcraft2 is to play my custom mission using the warcraft 2 terrain and so on.

Thanks to this, I can play all these modded missions withouth myself opening Tibed (or the editor) and not being worried or preserving the original files as the launcher swap bewteen modded and not modded misions/campaign.

This is in the editor, on the structures suboption:


I suggest to check it because although there are lot of information, you can see that there is no longer "bytes" hard to tell, now it is more concise and readable.

But as you see, "Upgrades needed:" you can actually add a Sardaukar that can be trained but only if you upgrade the barracks two times and so many stuff, even if you ignore the bottom-right part (sounds, graphics) and just focusing on the other part you still have the same stuff as Tibed but better.

The important thing is that if you create a submod into the CustomCampaignData and you call it "Mycustommissions" (or whatever name), and inside you can create a folder called "Atreidesmission9" then later, on your editor you can set to use your specific mod this way


So any modification you do "which will be files such as "templates.bin, armour.bin..." (the few Tibed uses), will be copied into that folder and, the launcher, when playing the mission, will applied them.

You can reuse this later and do a different folder "Harkonnenmission9" folder if you want to have other different modded stuff into your game but only for the Harkonnen mission 9, and then "Ordosmission9" and do the same; just 3 mods that have nothing to do each other but you can play the 3 missions withouth opening anything more than the launcher.

It's up to you to use any of this; but even if you don't care about the CustomCampaignData stuff, at least give it a chance to the editor version instead of tibed, it has many more options and it is easy to do, you can make 5 different units to be Stealthed where on Tibed you only could have 2, at best (st.Raider and Fremen).

There is a discord server dedicated mostly yo singleplayer stuff, if you want to join and learn there are a few people that can guide you or even giving you extra info that I don't ever know.

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"Fedaykin" is the special name given to people on the forum, as you are "Fremen", just telling you.

d2k toolkit is heavily outdated. You can pick a more moderm version here:

In fact, you are using so outdated version that you buildings don't ever appear with concrete under them.

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