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I have installed Gruntmod edition, and tried to run ad 1920x1200.
Any settings seems to have no effect: game is always shown in 640x480 mode, and the remaining part of window/fullscreen is filled with black: see this

Also win10 hotfix does not solve the problem.

Where's the problem? What am I missing?

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I don't know for sure on the first thing, as it should be options to have the game in "bordeless" "windowed" "fullscreen" and at least one, with the control panel of your graphic card (outside the game) you need to check for an option, I had to do it to remove the black bars.


In terms of multi, check this other post:

it contains extra languages, probably it would need just the file and nothing more; ("TextENG.uib" is the name of the english one, probably italian wiill be TextITA.uib but I cannot confirm, having it into your game's folder should be enough.



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With the installer you provided, it works, both in langage and game dimensions.
However it is very strange that gruntmods edition (2021) have files with timestamp 2015, and the multilanguage installer you provided (2015) has files with timestamp 2021.

The only thing missing is now the brief videos showed at territory selection / mission selection: map is all desertic with no territory borders and no animations, and after the voice description (e.g.: "Atreides advance east, Harkonnen, retreat") you see the static map selection.

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