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Renegade Fan Fiction - Cult Infiltration


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gunner154's Renegade Fan Fiction #2

(This story is rated PG 13 and above due to excessive swearing)


Well this story is simply based on C&C Renegade, a great game by Westwood Studios. This is a story on Havoc's operations.


1.) Comment if you wish, but if you have nothing good to say do not post or I'll get the moderators to delete your posts (thanks I just read the rules in this forum).

2.) DO NOT continue the story on your own. You may question about anything related to the story, but once answered DO NOT delete your post so that others can refer to the question.

3.) Enjoy!

WARNING I'm serious, but this chapter has excessive, very excessive swearing in certain areas. Stories are thought of off-hand so I hope you mind not about the poor storyline quality (hehe I sometimes forget what the story was about so I read the previous chapters ;D)

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"Nice work at the Nod Base Havoc, return to base as soon as possible."


"Yeah, I'll like to blow up that refinery too..." said Havoc.

"You...erm, wait, we have no time to waste here. Get your butt here now!" shouted Locke.

"Nice Locke, you finally start shouting." commented Havoc, who was raising his gun at a Transport Helicopter whose pilot is playing cards with a GDI soldier and is flying around in circles.

"Basically if you don't get here you'll be meeting my Superior." Locke says.

Havoc gulped, "Erm...Commander in Chief Wesley?"

"And you'll face the music..." says Locke.

"Okay, I'll be getting ready." says Havoc as he whipped out a pistol and starting shooting the chopper, shouting "Hey I'm loaded and will wanna gamble!"

As usual, this tactic never failed with Jones and Dan who were down with gambling. The chopper lowered itself and Havoc went up for a ride.

"Take us to Eagle Base." ordered Havoc.

"Yes sir!" said Jones the pilot.

In a few minutes the chopper reached the base but had buggy pathfinding and crashed into a barracks.

"You useless pilot, that costs us a lot!" shouted Havoc at the Jones. "I'm gonna make you pay twice the price next time you drop a chopper on the ground.

Jones looked behind hoping to get some help from Dan but Dan was taken away by the GDI officers because he was down with gambling and was responsible for the missing MRLS.

"Blast it, blast it! Now I have to face the music." said Havoc. He approached the Communications Center and opened the metallic door.

Havoc hummed as he walked, and eventually opened a large door and saw Locke.

"You're late by four minutes and twenty seconds." commented Locke.

"Bad timing," said Havoc. "I just needed two minutes to get out of a wrecked chopper and another two minutes to finish my log book. As for the twenty seconds..."

Locke appeared as though he was expecting an answer.

"Spent on trying to get to this room. You know the corridor splits many paths and-"

"We sealed up the other entrances so excuses are negative here. Hand me your log book." ordered Locke.

"Okay, I wouldn't want to commit myself too deep."


"Yes." said Havoc.

"Nick, I know it's hard on you and I know you were short of a pen with available ink, but you should know that Jones always carries a spare pen. You could have finished the log book in the chopper."

"Where to now?" said Havoc.

"Go to Alaska. Intel reports that Raveshaw had a hidden stronghold in the midst there. We are teaming up with our local militia to crush the base, but it has valuable information that we need to extract from there. Go there and find out what new weapon Raveshaw has hidden up his sleeve."

"Another Covert Ops, eh? This is like the 31st time I got a similar mission. You all always thirst for information." said Havoc.


"Okay, okay. I go, okay?"

Havoc left the room hastily and left the Communications Center but heard a rumbling noise.

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"What's that noise?" wondered Havoc as he heard the loud rumbling sound. Suddenly...

He heard another rumbling noise, followed by a large artillery shell falling onto the communications center.

"S***! (Notes from the author, words have been censored because it might not be allowed by the team as this word is serious) Locke is in there!"

Havoc rushed back into the Communications Center and saw Locke lying on the ground, horribly injured. He looked grotesque whenever he was badly injured. Havoc reminded himself that Locke had survived being hit by light tank shells many times straight on him with no cover and he survived. But unfortunately, an artillery shell was no mistake.

Havoc lifted the well-dressed Commander up and out of the room.

"Hey man you still alie...erm...okay?" Havoc asked the coma-like Locke.

Suddenly the man got up and said, "What are you doing here? Carrying me? I can evacuate this building by myself!"

Locke jumped off and ran out of the building while Havoc followed suit.

"The Nod forces are attacking! Round up our troops to the frontline. We are in the open!" Locke shouted at the radio.

Someone returned the distress-signal, "Are you an idiot Locke!? We have no forces at Eagle Base, evacuate it! We're sending a transport helicopter. Proceed at your own risk!" and the line went dead.

"Curse you bastard Wesley...curse you curse you! I'll get back at you with a Remington shotgun the next time I see your bloody face fa****!"

"Locke, we need to get out of here. This place is surrounded by Nod surface-to-air missile sites and we cannot possibly get out by helicopter. It'll probably be shot down. Locke have a radio? We're going with the rest of the Dead 6 team members available and swim out of here. Nod cannot possibly catch up with our great swimming skills..." said Havoc to Locke, and Patch and Deadeye who just reached the scene.

"Okay, we'll swim out. Patch take care of that flame tank!" shouted Havoc who began unloading his 'Raptor' on the flame tank.

"Holy s*** we're stuck here we need C4 to blow up the wall!" shouted Havoc who was facing the concrete wall behind him.

"I happen to find this 'hair-trigger' and it'll come in handy." said Deadeye.

Havoc laid the C4, stepped back and detonated the C4. The wall blew up like running a Abrams tank over sandbag laden with fireworks.

"Okay skipper, I'll meet you somewhere in...on that island nearby." said Patch.

"Okay Patch you move out with Deadeye and Locke, I'll see what I can salvage from the barracks." But when Havoc looked at the Barracks, it was toasted. Nothing can possibly survive a nuclear missile.

"Okay Patch, I'll go with ya," said Havoc and the foursome swimmed offshore. "Okay let's get the hell outta here."

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"Now look here Havoc," said Locke as he swam. "We lost the base. It's an important base and now Nod is able to transport supplies to, and fro."

"I'm not suprised." says Havoc, who was trying to grab the rifle that was slipping away from his hand. He grabbed the gun, and kept it tightly.

In about half an hour of tireless swimming, the four got onto a small island. It had some tropical trees, as well as a bridge linking to a Nod base.

"Hmm...ahem..ahem..." murmured Havoc.

"We lost the base, so we need to crush this one. Deadeye, set up a campfire and find some food. I want Havoc to see what the Nod base has for us." said Locke.

"Can I go sir?" asked Patch.

"You may, but be careful, Nod snipers are everywhere. They don't know we are here, yet we know they are. That is our advantage."

"Well they have got vehicles and can kill us quickly. That is our disadvantage." said Deadeye.

"We can easily swim offshore if they send things here," said Locke. "But if I'm not wrong this is Catacomb base and there are GDI prisoners in there who will get killed if Nod wishes to. We can't lose anymore men. We must get them out, and not let them become hostages against us. That is our disadvantage."

"So I have to run in and blow something up?" asked Havoc.

"No, you have to run in and get somebody out, well, 'somebodies.'"

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"That is bad. I lack ammo." said Havoc.

"Steal some supplies," Havoc looks beyond with a pair of binoculars and sees a convoy truck. "I see a convoy truck, it's Nod. You can get in and get the truck here?"

"We'll alert them alrighty." comments Havoc.

"Well not if we plant false information."

"Oh well...okay Patch come with me." ordered Havoc.


{All radio voices will appear in these brackets}

{Havoc, report in}

{Yessir, what is it?}

{There is a Light Tank in your way. Your way.}

{Don't destroy it?}

{Get in Havoc and steal the tank. An additional tank is a gift for us all.}

{I wonder how the hell I should get into the tank.}

{Duck! There are three flamethrowers moving towards your position. Raise your guard Havoc, over!}

{Shh, don't talk so loudly, you'll get me detected and killed, shh...}

Havoc hid behind a large rock with Patch.

{Locke, Patch here, I'm going to attempt to intercept the convoy. We need the supplies.}

{Remember, rescue the prisoners. That is the imperative.}

{Damn you, I have too many things to do. Lighten things a bit dude!}


"Damn it, he's killing me. Patch you rescue those guys and -?"

Havoc looks around.

Patch is not with him!

Havoc then sees 3 Nod soldiers and a Nod Rocket Soldier Officer dragging Patch away.

"Hell, now I've raised their guard."

{Locke, Patch is captured!}

{Thanks to your voice-booming. Rescue Patch as well. So altogether steal supplies, steal Light Tank, steal cargo truck, rescue GDI prisoners and rescue Patch.}

{Locke, you...}


Havoc sits down and stares at the sky, wondering how he should go about things.

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