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AI Passivity


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Just downloaded the game after hearing about it on youtube, and went straight into an Atreides campaign. Then, on mission 5, i notice that the AI isnt doing much of anything.
It is recruiting units, but it is simply amassing them in its base. Over the course of 15min it did not attack once, only continued to amass a retardedly large amount of units, which made it nigh 
impossible to defeat in a straight up attack. 
I tried it on Easy, Normal as well as on Hard difficulty, but all are the same.  AI will only sit in its base, and never do anything.

Any ideas for a fix? can i help the issue if i also download the map editor tool? im not too well versed in these programs, so any help is appreciated.

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There is no need of fixing. This AI has a low morale on this one, so if you fight and kill enemy units they may enter a "Coward" state, thinking "I am weak, I need to keep building more units".

It's not usual to happen, but it is possible.

As a suggestion, scout the area, you may encounter enemy harvesters. Once you start attacking them, they will go nuts to defend it, making it more easy to kill them outside the base or they may even try to reach your base (or the starport if you capture it), which it is a great chokepoint, once he use everything he has it will be more easy to enter.

In the same way, Harkonnen economy beging big but won't continue for long if you keep killing harverster after harvester.

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On 7/8/2021 at 1:08 PM, Izhjtar said:


What Cm said. My advice: Exploit the terrain. Use the Starport to order Missile Tanks and other long range units, and set them up on the cliffs. Mass turrets too. Attack Harkonnen Harvesters, retreat to your defenses, and hold the line.

They'll run out of cash eventually. Just don't forget to CAPTURE the Barracks at the end - if you destroy it, it will result in mission failure. 😛

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