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I was just wondering, since you're a Member of this forums maybe might you contribute?

Anti Christ

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image.png.bc2fa2ce57c67b4d6b68e52307f45deb.png@everyone, guests and members.
We all have spare time for Dune and for some reason I'm just not getting any Response.

It can be anything, like for Request for new Custom Units or Mods.
Even by offering an example of what you want. This forums isn't everything you need though because I can find a spot where everyone wants to see happen.
So please click like and provide more variety to this pool and I'll make a list of the ones I like and not just anyone here.

Only ones I really want you to try will end up here or maybe revamps of ones I want to see look better.
I will search across this forums and find any you might have and get inspired with those.

For General enter here instead.

SPRITES (These are the most important however as there are no supporters it doesn't look like much members like Dune 2k as much as I do.)

MODS (Don't wait for a new one to come, if your mod's extremely exciting and isn't finished then I'll put it here Unfinished if it's that good.)


UTILITIES (If it was removed for any reason, then it's here.)
Download Structure EditorĀ D2kEditorv2.0pre5.zip Customize Structure and Unit Stats.
Resource Editor Dune 2000 Resource Editor.zip Edit Dune Sprites

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