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I started working on a new company. A company from the Empire. In general, 5 maps are made, one I'm working on, and another one, I want to add or not, because the gameplay there was not very cool. I think I'll have time to finish the company by the summer


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Cool, more missions!

Yes, sometimes a mission may not be fun to play in certain ways, but there is always a way to change that, either moving the player's or computer's area or things like that, can even be altering the goal, or giving the player more stuff or other ideas you may have to improve the gameplay.

I will be looking foward to see more of your work which, by the way; I remember telling about using the new versions of the editor and the launcher with the posibility of renaming your files so we don't need to overwrite original files.

I hope you had that in mind, and it doesn't require that much work to have it that way.

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