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Switching Units to a Different House (modding question)


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I've played around a lot with modding this game but I've never really tried to go that in depth with it.  My main goal was to make it into an infantry only game.   I've switched infantry units around to balance out the game sans mechs.  Replaced their weapons (Kinjals with Inkvines can be pretty formidable, I can tell you that for nothing :D) But currently what I've settled on is for everyone to have access to the same infantry units (excluding subhouses).  This is great and all but what I don't know how to do is changing the troops names to reflect the house they're in.  Like everyone can make AA troopers but no matter which house makes them their tag is always "Ordos AA Trooper" instead of "Atreides AA Trooper.   (this is especially irksome in the case of the OREITS which should be and in my mod is a Guild unit)

Can this be fixed without creating new units?  If not, is there an easy way to do that?  Like is it a matter of copying and pasting the AA trooper's  info from the rules.txt in each house and just changing a few lines or is it going to be an ordeal?  :)



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