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DirectSound and DirectDraw startup error havoc

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I like to play RRT2 on a big LG TV screen connected through an HDMI cable.

Each time it's a tricky thing, because the game may crash at start randomly with a popup saying "DirectSound error #150" (99% of the times) or "DirectDraw error". After a few retries, everything goes well and the game displays on my TV.

I thought initially that this was linked to Windows 10 hardware acceleration features, but I recently found another explanation.

I understand that DirectSound was a popular sound library for games at the time RRT2 was developed. I haven't found info about DirectDraw, apart that it is "deprecated" (well, apparently it still lives inside the game :-). My understanding is that the versions embedded in my copy of RRT2 (which I purchased couple of months ago on Steam) do not play nice with the TV hardware.

My hope at this point is to find some recent patch for DirectSound or DirectDraw that magically will solve my problems.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Have you tried disabling the startup video? (you have to get the game to start before you can do this though and be in a scenario before you can use the games control panel options). Maybe temporarily use an old monitor to disable the startup video.  The issue may be related to screen resolutions on your computer. You may be able to turn off sound via HDMI  on your computer and use separate speakers but definitely try disabling the opening video first. You could also try disabling direct3d in your grapics card driver.  WineD3D has been suggested as a fix for drivers.  

When buying old games I purchase from Gog.com as they are usually better at getting them to work than steam is.

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