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Can you buy other AI players stock?

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Hey guys,

   Hope all of you are doing good.
Another weekend. More RRT2 fun!  I got the RRT2 Platinum CD in 2007 and its been more than 13 years and i still have not played the full campaigns, as i was only into scenarios!
Am enjoying them now.

I have one question, that pops up when i play he 'personal net worth' quests.
Take a look at the screenshot. 
In one playthrough, got 100% ownership of a company. But then i issued stock but before i could buy them, the AI guy (Edward Henry) got 4000 of them.
Is it possible to get his 4000 shares?  Point is i want to get back the 100% ownership of the company and hog all the dividend income!
Any tips would be appreciated. 



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Lesson: Don't issue stock. Issue bonds instead.

Two approaches:

1) If your nemesis holds any stocks on margin, then suck the life out of his largest such company until its price is in the toilet. Then launch a "bear raid" by selling short until he gets a margin call, forcing him to sell everything he has. It helps to run down the price of your own company at the same time. Of course, such a warpath is ruinous for everyone.

2) Start a new company from personal cash, owning 100%. Then do a merger with your earlier company, using your majority stake to vote it through. I haven't done one of those from the outside (because I never relinquish 100% ownership after having acquired it), so there may be bumps in the road.

Both of these approaches needs the map to allow various actions. If the map doesn't allow a key feature, then you could be stuck.

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Actually I do this on occasion depending on the game.  The way to do this to keep the AI from buying it is:

1.  Pause the game

2.  Issue the stock

3.  Go to the stock market and buy the stock.

4.  Unpause the game

The only way I know to get the stock once he has bought it is if he ever decides to sell it then you can buy it.


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