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Anyone know of any good Dune-related podcasts? I've found a few that I'm enjoying so far.

Spice World

Really great format: Two hosts, one of whom has read the series several times, knows the expansions, the Dune Encyclopedia, and in-universe lore; the other host has never read the series and knows very little about it. Each weekly episode covers a chapter in the first book. It's fairly new - only six episodes at the time of this post - but it's a really good listen. It's a lot of fun to listen to someone discovering Dune for the first time, as well as more obscure knowledge from the other host.

Riding the Sandworm

Seems to be a sideline from a fellow who normally does a sports podcast, who had wanted to talk about Dune for a while. There are only two episodes so far, but the host is very down to earth and interesting to listen to.

Any other suggestions?

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