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Dune multiplayer launch and maps problem

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Hi I have 3 newbie questions:

1. I start Dune Gruntmods edition (downloaded from this site), Launch multiplayer, it downloades many stuff and can play. Once I turn it off and start same way again, it dowload nothing, and dont start. If I reinstal whole game, works again, only ONCE. W10 64bit.

2. There was som great maps, for example dune world war, but there is no more. Why?

3. If I download here in downloads some fan maps, its only fileabc.map How to import? Can we play multiplayer?


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I cannot help you on the online questions since I launched the online features last time a couple of years ago, but it seems really weird how you can play the first time but not the next day. Although I think due the actual circunstances the program it's having trouble sustaining the large amount of people, dunno if related with your problem.

You may want to try to launch the basic game and begin one of the original campaigns just too see if the game works or trigger any kind of error that can help to understand the reason.

For online, it should be thousans of maps; one of the things that the program download the first time.

The maps uploaded here in the forum are part of campaign and single missions, means to be played for single player only, even the ones with some allies. They won't ever show up in multiplayer unless you edit them.

If you are interested on campaign missions to play on your own, I can tell you more about it; but if you are only interested on the online part; there is an alternative download with a different instalation of the game that may solve your problems.

For gruntmods exist a windows 10 hot fix; dunno if that will solve the problem.

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