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Passengers disappearing in 1958, bug?

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I've been playing through the Second Campaign (the Austria map specifically) using my modified version of jeffry's US History/1.56+ EXE , and I just came across something unusual, to say the least.


In 1958, passengers just disappear. I've checked the Amtrak West map and also found passengers missing; however, the Elbow Room (drain the Mediterranean) map does not have this issue. Jeffry's EXE adds a "If X, production is changed by Y" condition in 1958, saying that houses supplied with diesel will decrease passenger production by 10%. Could that be related to the issue I'm having? Using Jeffry's EXE also results in missing passengers Is this somehow intentional, or have I stumbled across a bug that we've yet to uncover?

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I found that in one of your posts from several years ago, you stated "One change that I have made is to add a city demand for diesel (representing gasoline) after about 1950."


I decided to check the following scenarios from the Second Century Campaign and this is what I found. All of these were tested with Jeffry's EXE.

  • Amtrak West, pax missing, high pax traffic (same place where you pick regional costs of fuel)
  • Elbow Room, pax present, high 
  • Super Trains (France with no freight), no pax, high 
  • Antarctica, pax missing, high
  • Remember America, pax present, normal
  • Island of Hope (Africa), pax missing, normal
  • Austria, pax missing, high

For a moment I thought I was onto something, thinking "the maps with high passenger traffic are causing the issue," until I noticed that Elbow Room has high traffic as well. 

I originally thought that it was some sort of extra challenge that had been added, and it kind of makes sense. Pax traffic fell off a cliff around this time. But I know it's not because of the Amtrak West scenario. Why would a scenario focused on Amtrak not have pax?


Any idea on what's this causing this or how to fix it?



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