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Dune Legacy Map Pack


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Its been a while since i've been over this way, but last time I was i was heavily playing Dune2 The Maker and i made some maps for that game.
Somepoint after the Dune Legacy team contacted me requesting use of those maps in thier game, ofcourse i said yes.

I've spent some time recently playing Dune Legacy and its a fantastic game, supports larger maps upto 128x128 which is kinda nuts.
In some cases i managed to push this limit over 128 but it results in sometimes crashing and weird radar bugs.  But enough about all that...

Today I Present to you some new maps made specificly for Dune Legacy varying in size and shape, some very small and some large. About half of them were made for 1v1 or 2v2 games so try and keep that in mind also. I Tried contacting the legacy team but was unable to reach them at IRC, i guess their contacts info is a little out of date but hey people know about this place. I'm sure if people want new content they'll google it and find it :D :)


Long Live the Fighters!


Dune Legacy Rippsblack Map Pack1.rar

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