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Question about Dune 2 The Battle For Arrakis editing


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Hello. So I was playing Dune 2 TBFA and I'm wondering, is there any kind of Dune 2 TBFA Map and Mission editor? It would be nice to make your own maps and missions for Dune 2 TBFA since it only has 9 missions for each house (i think theres 27 missions total). If you know one and can tell me where/how to find it, please do so. Thanks.

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In this post there is a big list of editors, I can't really tell you which one it's good or bad; the last time I edited a bit (only buildings, units and scripts, not the map itself) was using Dune Legacy, which it's a full game, but once a map was done the file could be played by the vanilla game.

I am aware at the presence of "superdune" which it's an altered dune in terms thatyou will play as Emperor, Fremen and Mercenaries instead, new maps, new missions, even you may start with a prebuilded base instead just the Construction Yard... and new units or something, I didn't play it too much, but the Sardaukar had better range and etc.

Also dune 2 extended, which I think is still dune 2 but other campaigns, I think.

I know there is at least 1 new Atreides campaign on the net, which I played, just using vanilla dune 2 and not altering units, but new maps or, at least, new composition of enemy bases. You may look on the net or even the forum to find it, but Atreides totally have a new campaign.

Or, you can also try this one:

I played some maps, it has some .bat file to make the game to be played like more moderm games: multiunit selection and right/left click for commands, but that didn't worked too well to me (Sometimes it worked, sometimes not); You can still playing the traditional way, but can be a bit hard since the enemy keep sending units non-stop, sometimes you only have quads and the enemy have a couple of siege tanks covering a light factory (and Ais having lots of money, so they don't run out of money as easily).

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