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Can't get gold on Mediterranean Basin RT2SC, help needed.

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I love to see that this old game is still alive and kicking.


Mediterranean basin is modern times scenario. Gold is most cargo transported (easy), and 40M PNV in 25years, and I cannot seem to get close to it.
I can get CNV over 40M, but with stock issuing, which moves me away from gold target. AI companies are random, but in most cases they they go under, so they dont offer much chance to ramp up PNV. And when they live long, they clutter map with their tracks.


Now I start with some good PAX line, and than start another line in Spain preferably, to cover iron-coal-steel-goods-ports industry. But it seems Im not efficient enough.

Any tips.

one last thing

I don't micromanage trains.


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You need leverage (debt). Buy out your other investors so all of your company's value becomes part of your PNV. What restrictions does this map have that limit your wheeling and dealing?

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