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Can't get DuneMaps to work, no matter what I try.


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Hi there!

I've been trying to get DuneMaps to work on my laptop, and, no matter what C++ redistributables I throw at it, it crashes at launch with no error message, and does not show up at all. I've also tried reinstalling it, and changing the install location. No dice.

Two things to note: It works fine on my Desktop (Windows 10 Professional, AMD processor), and my laptop runs Windows 10 Home, Intel-based.

Can someone help me troubleshoot? Thanks! :)

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6 hours ago, zidane2 said:

By "DuneMaps" you mean maps in general?

Anyways check if the files are in the right place, sounds like a similar issue i had with D2K editor, by default it had files in the wrong place.


Yep... it was definitely an ID-10-T error. I had multiple copies of the install, and the one I was using, was missing files. *Facepalm*

Thanks! 😅

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