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So basicly How can i play E:BFD


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listen guys (and maybe a lady or two) for years i want to play again and dont know how...

1. What are my option for having the game? or... how do i get it?

2. Will it run on windows 10

3. I really missed it...

Im so glad to see this site for the first time, and hopefully you will be able to assist me :)

Tnx all

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1) Officially, you can get the game by ordering it via Amazon or ebay, where you supposedly get a functioning installer CD. Depending on the OS, it may or may not  work, if I understood it correctly. (chk https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Emperor:_Battle_for_Dune#Availability)
Of course, whether or not you trust online-shopping where you can't see whether or not you're being scammed for yourself when it comes to PC hardware and/or software is your thing. I don't.
Regardless, I heard the "safest" option, is... well...
Let's just say it isn't approved of by most people, myself included. Although, to be fair: no-one will go after you as they can't. I heard the Dune games are in "licensing hell", meaning anyone can pirate the game and no-one can legally do anything about it.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, I suppose. I'd buy the game, but I don't know anyone reliable enough to buy from. It's a trust thing, really.

2) Yes, the game can and will run on Lose10. Tho, chk https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27468-problem-with-resolution/ for any potential problems regarding resolution, and https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Emperor:_Battle_for_Dune#Lag_fix_in_Windows_8.2F10 for performance problems on 10.

3) Yeah, Emperor was among WW's finest RTSs. The story could've used a lot more work, tho, with all that territory mechanic...
I mean, the missions felt real (capture old outpost, rescue pilot, bring old refinery back online), but other than offering some variety to the missions, they had no impact on the campaign what-so-ever. A shame, really.

E:BfD should've been released about a year after YR, so it wouldn't have been so over-shadowed.

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