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Dune 2000; Opperation Option Simulation


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This is an option I will make to an degree, if you wish to assist in this project then you will gain participation credits according to your percentages.

If you have assisted atleast 0.01%-0.19% then you will get 500 credits and if you've supported 0.20-more% percentage then you will receive 1000 credits and feel free to share the file password to anyone.

NOTE; 1 percentage is worth atleast 100 different units. Simply make random original infantry, vehicle components or structures, they will be added to the bonus 1000.

If you have 0% then 100 for each structure option will be available to you.
You can use this color pallet made with colors found in Dune 2000 structures and units.

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11 hours ago, Dr.Kran said:

Harkonnen Medium Tank Model

What's your view on this @FembotESMP?

I can't really describe it more than I can say it's good.
When I make 100 units I'll send it to you.

And I don't see why Harkonnen would have a medium tank instead of a heavy one.
The only ones that might have one are house Atreides because and because Ordos doesn't spend a lot. 

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