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  1. Lol I don't believe it, he actually changed the medium tank after I mentioned it being a bad unit for the house Harkonnen.
  2. I can't really describe it more than I can say it's good. When I make 100 units I'll send it to you. And I don't see why Harkonnen would have a medium tank instead of a heavy one. The only ones that might have one are house Atreides because and because Ordos doesn't spend a lot.
  3. It should be a year before someone makes one and mercenaries should get all their equipment in nearby planet black markets and the Ordos should be their top seller.
  4. Dune 2000; Fight for spice Non-house Trike Quad Light Tank Medium Tank Missile Tank Atreides the Noble Siege Tank (Special Unit) Sonic Tank (Special Unit) Ordos the Manipulators Winter Tank (Special Unit) Raider (Ordos Trike) Chaos Venom (Special Unit / Ordos Palice Unit) Deviator (Special Unit) Harkonnen the Pollutors Flamethrower Infantry Flamethrower Tank Devastator Tank EDITING
  5. Titans expansion? Very nice if you have it. I'm also a huge fan in the Dune 2k or Age of Mythology games.
  6. No sorry, I don't speak on forums (This is not a practical term.). It's just a tank that has a weak sonic cannon with really light equipment for strain control and better mobility.
  7. That would be very nice, I'll mail you about my sonic tank's look but I feel like making it myself though.
  8. The purpose for the sonic tank is to destroy or raid, not defend and they do very bad at it already against 3 quads which could destroy them for it's price. and nothing more, if it was made lighter then it My sonic tank doesn't carry a lot and does damage low at a fast fire rate and is designed to move as quick as a regular tank because it only carries iron components and doesn't cargo ammo which makes it faster looking than regular tanks.
  9. Fremen should be hard to see in the sunlight and their use for cover in the original dune can be to blend in. Maybe a vehicle with sand camouflage on it would be closer to finding itself in my mod for house Atreides.
  10. Mines would generate a sound that prevents others from seeing behind a sound wall for stealth while equipped with a sonic cannon.
  11. If I had all those components then it becomes an emitter?
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