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6 hours ago, Dr.Kran said:

Has anyone discovered how to get units to fire while moving?

This is perfect for in turret units and special infantry units.

I sure haven't. The best I've been able to do is stutter step with my Combat Tanks, Grenadiers, or RPG Quads.

Stutter stepping refers to the practice of moving your units a bit, then hitting S to stop them so they can fire at pursuers. This isn't the in-game function of a unit, but rather the player's micro in action. It's easier to do when units have a longer range, something that may not be so prevalent in the original game, but certainly something that my mod introduces. Grenadiers and Combat Tanks both have a very adequate effective firing range. RPG Quads don't have a rotating barrel, but they're so fast and their range is so long that it's possible to maneuver with them repeatedly and effectively in combat.

There are plenty of unknown bytes in D2k, some we've figured out already (especially where they occur in structure code), but I'm not sure that's a function for any units. PERHAPS the Ornithopter has a special exception for firing while moving, but there is an extremely high probability this behavior is part of its special unit code, which we haven't found a way to pick apart just yet. It's possible, I suppose, that it might be one of its few unknown bytes under the art section... but this more than likely pertains to other things.

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