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Need the v0.2 Resource Editor? Here's a link!

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Since my primary HDD was spontaneously corrupted and recovery was impossible, I kinda lost a couple of important tools, among other things. I remember someone had a link to the v0.2 Resource Editor, but I can't find it again. I think it was @D2k Sardaukar who shared it originally, but if anyone at all happens to have it, could you post it here? Thanks.


I was using the v0.2 Resource Editor's ability to change sprite alignment parameters to achieve results like this:
In a mod. As you may know, turning on wall selection results in a completely misaligned box... but not my walls! Because thanks to the sprite realignment, I could add transparent tiles to make the sprite appear in-game in such a way that it would always result in a very precise box, just like that. And, you know, screwing around with the new Combat Tank sprites, Golden Lion Barracks, Storm Lasher...

It allows for a ton of potential for new changes, lots of leeway for new modding, so I hope not to lose the program permanently. :)

Edit: Lol, never mind! I finally found where the thing was linked. Sorry about the ping, D2k Sardaukar! I thought I checked everywhere, only to find it at random. Umm... I'm going to repost it here just in case anyone else needs it.
Dune 2000 Resource Editor.zip

Like I said in the spoiler above, it allows for the re-alignment of sprites. This enables a modder to do some new and awesome things!

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