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Windows 10, freezing problems/ tutorial on installing?

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Games freezes up at random point, Unble to exit game so having to restart the computer.

As you can  probably tell I’m not very computer oriented, so bare with here.

I’ve installed the updated launcher and played with the settings, this has stopped the lagging problem but not the freezing problem,

but after reading some post I believe I may need to do more than just download and play, is there a step by step guid? Or a video on how to instal?


sorry if this has been asked before, and if this  doesn’t make sense

thanks for the help in advance

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I never work with win 10 before, but you may try to push "control + alt +del" (at the same time) buttoms, maybe you can close the game, or at least escape the screen to not restart the computer.

Now, about the crash, check any of these post, they may help you:

Here it's suppose to be fixed:

Although he means the gruntmods version, you still can try the images at the bottom:

If not you may try reading this one:

Has some files to overwrite your game, dunno if you already did this step.

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