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Art of War 3


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Any one familiar with the game?

Interested in sharing experiences? Even if you think it sucks. I am all ears :)


I for one, am enjoying it right now. Unlike PvZ2, I will stop with the game when it gets too much pay to win for my taste. Other than that, it too has a good single player game. But also upgrades for units like in C&C Rivals. At first meaningless, but if you encounter someone without upgrades. Let's just say that RPS doesn't matter much at that point too.

The big difference between Rivals and AoW3?
AoW3 is a real RTS game.

They still force you a bit to play a bit online. But the first few are obviously AI that you play against. You can still go back to the single player campaing whenever you like. Gaining money and gold by grinding. Eventually, you should be able to get all upgrades and missions. I have yet to test this though.

Another big plus is that it doesn't whine about you playing the game. Also, commercials are a choice. Not a forced upon thy.

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