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Music and unit/mentat voices from Dune 2000 to Emperor

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I  want to use the unit voices from the Dune 2000 game in Emperor, so I can replace the group selection voices (for the duke! for the duke! complying! complying!). I have already modified the sfx text files that change the selection/attack/move voices, but I want to know where should I put the D2k audio files (and how to extract them in the first place).

I want to do the same with the D2k music, choosing the music tracks that fits each house.

Regarding the mentat/AI voices, I don't know if every house in Emperor can have their own mentat voice, like in D2K; but I still want to try (the missing dialog/warnings will use the default Emperor voice). It seems that in the DIALOG folders there are lines that could be used differently for each house.

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