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Music and unit/mentat voices from Dune 2000 to Emperor


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I  want to use the unit voices from the Dune 2000 game in Emperor, so I can replace the group selection voices (for the duke! for the duke! complying! complying!). I have already modified the sfx text files that change the selection/attack/move voices, but I want to know where should I put the D2k audio files (and how to extract them in the first place).

I want to do the same with the D2k music, choosing the music tracks that fits each house.

Regarding the mentat/AI voices, I don't know if every house in Emperor can have their own mentat voice, like in D2K; but I still want to try (the missing dialog/warnings will use the default Emperor voice). It seems that in the DIALOG folders there are lines that could be used differently for each house.

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You'll have to do a few different things.

For the music:

1. Repack the Emperor Common Music .BAG file with the Dunk 2K music

2. Modify the "common music.txt" file to with the corresponding track names in the .BAG file (Make sure the music is the correct frequency or the music might not play)

For the SFX, Similar procedure:

1. Repack the Emperor Common SFX .BAG file with your voices of choice.

2. Modify the text files in the SFX folder in the Emperor directory. It'll depend on which unit you're trying to modify as only Harkonnen units (for example) are in the HarkonnenSFX.txt file.


Again, make sure the voices are the correct frequency or they may not play in game.

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