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Dune Legacy + 1.07 Patch Fix


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I'm posting this here as the main Dune Legacy project forum is abandoned. Anyways, I would like to know if the patch fix, of any of the other minor patch such as ECM, work with Dune Legacy. I would also like to know how, or if, you can use fan missions with it, like the atreides campaign, as well as how to use music pack with the engine. I hope you can help.


EDIT: The user maps appear to work by dropping them in the single player maps folder, although campaign specific restrictions such as only allowing you to place Wind Traps and Spice Refineries on the "training missions" don't seam to work when they're used this way, and the music pack from Dune II - The Maker's website appear to work if the Dune Legacy.ini is edited correctly and the files are placed in the correct directory structure. Still haven't found if the Patch Fix works with it but this user appears to have used it without problems.

EDIT 2: Also tried maps from Dune eXtended; they work too but again level restrictions are lifted, you can build anything you want including a palace in the first levels.

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