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New Contact List - Year 2017

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Hello guys.

For those who do not know, I am zenzyr0ex, also known as youkol0rd, the best player of all time o_O.

I've already beaten countless heroes, like Brennq and Mordusxxxx.

We are recruiting a team of players just like DC COMICS. We need to form an alloy, the players league of the Emperor Battle for Dune universe.

Currently the game is being run online on the free Tunngle server.

So that the matches can be better done, I need the interested parties to leave their contacts here so we can talk and schedule a game.

Currently we have 4 players in the active, we need more people to diversify the game, maybe 4x4. On the Tunngle server this is possible.

Anyone who has difficulty installing the game, follow this tutorial 


Finally, I leave my contact below:

Skype: marcos_rabello@hotmail.com
E-mail: marcos_rabello@hotmail.com

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