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To all who can not install the Emperor from the CD

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Many players often complain that they can not install the game from a CD. I found a solution to the problem by installing repack games from the team R. G. Catalist. This repack game already has a patch 1.09 and does not require the presence of a CD of game. You can download repack via any torrent client. You can find the game torrent in google or in the attached file. For those who do not use Russian, it is possible not to download files:

[R.G. Catalyst] Emperor - Battle for Dune/rus1.catalyst 

[R.G. Catalyst] Emperor - Battle for Dune/rus2_triada.catalyst 

[R.G. Catalyst] Emperor - Battle for Dune/rus2_risech.catalyst 

[R.G. Catalyst] Emperor - Battle for Dune/rus2_wolf.catalyst 

[R.G. Catalyst] Emperor - Battle for Dune/rus2_fargus.catalyst 


I hope that helped you.

P. S. Also i found on the expanses of the Russian Internet version 1.09 for MAC


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