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[release] Dune 12 for OpenRa

vota dc

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I did some years ago mods about Dune 12 for both Dune 2000 and Emperor. Dune 12 is just a book I wrote with my brother in year 2000.


The factions in the lore are:

ATREIDES: They use spice for medicine.

They should have both decent infantry and highly spammable infantry obtained with their genetic experiments since at some point of the book they instant grown newborns from the nursery to the barracks!

Their vehicles are supposed to have a bad design, so both slow and cheap. Their special vehicles are supposed to be good.

They are supposed to have the best aviation.


HARKONNEN: They use spice for beauty lotions. Also the baron give spice to Bene Gesserit that are just drug addict that give random prophecies that cost many military defeats.

Their infantry is supposed to be bloodthirsted and well armed but lack training and cold blood.

They should have the best vehicles in term of raw force.

They are supposed to have a decent aviation.


ORDOS: Fake nobles. Their leader is a headmaster of a military school. Very rich but lack manpower.

Their infantry is faster and with better technology.

Their vehicles are very fast but still powerful.


LAURO: This is the emperor's House. He has many unpopulated planets: the three big houses took the good ones! Lacks manpower and money!

Their infantry is supposed to be the best.

Their vehicles are supposed to be average and of course inferior to the three big houses.


TREMEND: Indigenous of Dune. Not as religious as Fremen and not as skilled in combat. They hate technology and like sandcats. They eat spice.

Their infantry is supposed to be very good on guerrilla but without high technology. They use a net of tunnels digged by the sandcats in the book. I don't know if there is something GLA tunnel. Maybe an underground vehicle could work, but I don't know if they AI would know how to use it.

Their vehicles is supposed to be the worst but at least cheap.


ALIVERSO: Wannabe house. It is like the Guild, but less professional, their leader want to be a noble.

Their infantry is supposed to be crappy.

Their light vehicles are supposed to be good while heavy vehicles are supposed to be sturdy but with bad design. Also they employ fake tanks to deceive the enemy.

Their aviation is supposed to be very good, still inferior to Atreides.


PAPACY: The pope manipulate the Ordos, his main goal is to burn Bene Gesserit witches. The book only mention the power of his defensive turrets.

Their infantry is supposed to be quite good.

Their vehicles are supposed to be quite bad, still superior than Tremend.


And here is a brief description of units



Machine Gun Infantry: standard light infantry 
Shotgun Infantry: much cheaper and able to spread damage, but shorter range. Can't prone.
Rifle Infantry: more damage, range and movement speed, but more expensive and slower rate of fire
Tremend Ambusher: standard light infantry with limited stealth but less hitpoints. Pass through cliffs (no stealth there)

Trooper: standard trooper (all trooper are also able to hit air units)
Laser Trooper: cheaper, faster and more accurate trooper but with poor range and damage
Combat Trooper: more damage, hitpoints and more effective against infantry but more expensive and slower rate of fire

Engineer: able to capture buildings and husks. Very slow and expensive.
Medic: an improved Engineer with faster movement and able to heal infantry.
Thumper: artillery infantry armed with mortal (same range of siege tank but very slow projectile). Attract sandcats when deployed

Nineman: instant grown soldier. Free. Slow, can't prone, very low health, inaccurate. Can be produced in construction yard too.
Sardaukar: elite infantry, slow self-healing
Swiss Guard: grenadier that hurl holy grenades who doesn't harm your allies (they even give a very small heal)
Tremend Commando: stealth elite infantry. Pass through cliffs (no stealth there)

Sardaukar Centurion: elite infantry with spread attack against infantry and impressive regeneration skill. Crush infantry.
[LAURO] - Palace Power
Saboteur: fast infantry with limited stealth and demolish skill
[ORDOS] - Palace Power


Trike: standard recon car good vs infantry only
Jeep: a cheaper but slower and weaker trike
Raider: faster and sturdier trike with 50% chance of deflect missiles, but also more expensive, can pass through cliffs
Secret Service Bike: stealth bike with improved attack and range but very frail
Rocket Quad: missile recon car
Dune Buggy: a sturdier but slower Rocket Quad can pass through cliffs
Missile Quad: long ranged quad can hit and run better than missile tank but lower firepower

It is supposed to be a worse unit than missile tank, in fact you can't order from starport!


Medium Tank: standard tank
Combat Tank: better range, attack and armor but more expensive and much slower
Plasma Tank: a faster tank with an accurate beam. Slow self-healing. More expensive and weaker armor.
Scrap Tank: cheaper but slower and weaker. Doesn't generate husk. Can't be ordered on starport.
Laser Tank: very long range but weaker armor
Siege Tank: artillery effective against infantry
Artillery Tank: a long ranged siege tank with less firepower and a very slow bullet
Missile Tank: Anti-building and anti-tank with great range (does +25% damage against tanks compared to vanilla)

Decoy Tank: a fake medium tank
Devastator: powerful tank with self-healing but with short range and slow movement
Sonic Tank: powerful tank with wave attack, weak against infantry but does only 25% friendly damage and can target air units
Deviator: tank able to convert other vehicles
Tower Tank: extremely durable tank with good range but very slow movement, expecially on sand


Light Bomber: bomber with very short sight deal good damage only against infantry and buildings
Bomberverso: slow bomber that deploy a single powerful bomb
[ALIVERSO] - Palace Power
Platypus: small air units with rockets effective against tanks and other air units
[ATREIDES] - Palace Power


Laser Turret: fire faster and it is more accurate than Rocket Turret but it also more expensive and less sturdy


Death Hand: giant missile
[HARKONNEN] - Palace Power
Airstrike: Air units will attack for a limited time
Tamed Sandcat: Attack infantry too and has 25% chance to disappear after eating. Still non controllable and less sturdy than wild version.
[TREMEND] - Palace Power
Miracle: make a group of units invulnerable and faster to move and gaining experience for 20 seconds
[PAPACY] - Palace Power
Excommunication: make a group of units more vulnerable for 25 seconds
[PAPACY] - Palace Power
Imperial Charge: make Sardaukar faster and more lethal for 25 seconds
[LAURO] - Palace Power




-Game is still quite unbalanced. Also from the fast pace of Dune 2000 Openra I used a somewhat slower one: buildtime and harvesting are longer.

-Tremend sometimes waste their Sandcat: they summon on the rock!

-Ordos never use saboteur power.

-Atreides never use platypus power.

-Aliverso never use bomberverso power.

-AI Harvester get stuck often.


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