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How to uninstall D2K Gruntmods without uninstaller


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So, I installed the game and it was working fine except it would freeze up every 15-20 minutes, requiring me to kill the process in task managerĀ as others have reported. So I thought I'd update all my drivers and reinstall the game. However, after the cutscene installer finished, the main installer froze up and I had to kill that process too. Now the game is all messed up and won't even launch, and I can't uninstall it because it never created the uninstall.exe. I tried going through windows to uninstall it, but windows just says "cannot find uninstaller." So I tried deleting the game folder and removing any instance of "gruntmods" from my registry manually (there was only one), but when I try to reinstall it, the installer tells me to uninstall it first. What do I do? I just want to uninstall this so I can reinstall it and hopefully get it running again.

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Ok, I figured it out, I used a registry cleaner to remove more keys that I couldn't myself CTRL+Fing through Regedit. The installation got messed up btw, because the main installer stays open to finalize things after the cutscene installer runs, but when finished the cutscene installer has "Launch Dune 2000: Gruntmods Edition" enabled by default, and I absent-mindedly clicked finish before realizing it. This caused the game installer to lock up and not create the uninstall file.

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