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Revised Israel Map

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New 15 year scenario. A tweaked version of my original revision. This was my first revision uploaded, and I have learned lots of ways of streamlining events so this tweaked version takes advantage of what i have learned. Game starts in 1945 and ends in 1961.



Israel(tweaked revision).zip

Edited by Diablogrunt
map tweaked and zipped

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I played it using the F3. Didn't work well during the period 1948-1951, but still got a gold medal. Electric track cost means initial profits would be smaller, but the GG1's Outstanding reliability makes it the only usable engine during the war with Syria. I saw a breakdown chance of 2490.2% with my F3 approaching Jerusalem, it broke down twice going up the hill and two-thirds of my engines crashed.


The map adds more than +100% risk to Train Safety when combining the effects of different. After a little investigation it seems that the way this is modeled is that the max can be +99% which equates to about 10x normal. An exponential situation which gets more sensitive to adjustment on approach to the max of +99%. I'm pretty sure the guy who made the map never understood this since he went over the 99% limit. Thought I should mention this info in case you want to correct that or make other adjustments.


I have a suggestion to clarify the briefing that you are required to reach $5M profits in a year AFTER you have reached the other goals. It doesn't count if you reach that target before the others.



For the record, Train Safety seems to be a map-wide control. I also discovered that if you don't start a company until August 1948, the war events never fire! A bit tempting. Also a cutting through Mount Carmel will pay for itself very quickly.

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I don't check my messages too often but I eventually replied. I reported that I made a mistake. Decreasing train safety by 99% is not 10x normal, but 100x normal breakdown chance. This is the maximum on an exponential type scale - increases very rapidly towards the maximum.

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