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Sharing my editions with TibEd


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Recently I uploaded a new campaign based on Ix in this forum. For this campaign I changed the tech tree and a good amount of units/buildings and other stuff.

This is applied into the game as 1 (or more) .bin files. However, if someone wanted to check in TibEd all the changes or just reusing for other purposes, that's not possible with only that/those .bin files. For this reason I want to share the raw .tib files generated directly by the program with the "save as..." option, so anyone can look, change and do whatever he wants.

I include the .tib files and a small screenshot (enlarge the image by clicking on it) showing exactly all the weapons the player will have and from they spawn. I didn't include what the enemies can/can't build, so is recommended to use this to compared and copy some values, but knowing that maybe now other houses may build something you don't want to.

IX Campaign full - 100% operational with the player being IX (presented in "Ixian Campaign - Masters of Technology").
Download: IX Campaign full.tib
Preview: 58ebaaac0e201_Ixcampaign-Player.PNG.6e4c43131127586ca92900b8807cf516.PNG

Emperor Campaign full - 100% operational with the player being the Emperor (presented in "Emperor Campaign - The Emperor Returns").
Download: Emperor Full campaign.tib
Preview: 58ebab817853e_Emperorcampaign-Player.PNG.104c943aee9aa7faeccdfc604d876f17.PNG

Ix single mission - 100% operational with the player being IX (presented in the single mission "IX - The Techonoly is ours").
Download: IX single mission.tib
Preview: 58ebabefb77d7_Ixsingle-Player.PNG.5e296c02b2d15c5f4f163b931c5108fa.PNG

Fremen Generic - only for testing purposes.
Download: Those Fremen are wild.tib
Preview: 58ebac2248d25_Generic-Fremen.PNG.93bb5110fa93f4704b339cf0518c8115.PNG (Sietchs can spawn units without crashing the game).

Ix Generic - only for testing purposes.
Download: 3 heavy factory ix.tib
Preview: 58ebac94e1f09_Generic-Ix.PNG.56eac5cfedc43defa4f69f54cd4d3a95.PNG (3 factories: separated queues: visuals and colision doesn't match at 100%, but the building require 9+1 square of room).

Again, the "only for testing purposes" can't be used just as they are now. Both Fremen and the heavy factories/units builds in a couple of seconds, just to speed my tests.

I will add more in the future If I do something new.

New Update here:
On the next files are included both .tib file and .bin file.
The .tib file it's the raw file created with the "save as" using TibEd. Included so anyone can have a look at his content (TibEd needed).
The .bin file it's the .tib file processed by TibEd; having this file into the correct path will affect your game. Make Back ups before overwritting!

"Ix Fixed" - If you are trying to create a custom campaign or map you will learn that the game crash as soon as you deploy a MCV. Using this file the IX/sandworm side no longer crash (still can't build carryalls).
Download: IX Fixed.zip

"Emperor Fixed" - Do you want to create an Emperor campaign where the player can actually build the Imperial Palace? Then this is you file (High Tech won't become available to be builded).
Download: Emperor Fixed.zip

"Multiplayer Units included" - The grenadier, the Stealth Rider, the Thumper and the Multiplayer Sardaukar will become available for any type of mission you create without needing to be a practice map.
Download: Multiplayer units included.zip

"No crush allowed" - In a world when it's forbidden to crush any unit, the overall vision of the game will change. When you see the very cheap infantry killing easily the expensive missile tank, you'll be forced to use your own infantry, trikes and siege tanks to stop the trooper threath. <-- no heavy vehicle can crush over foot units.
Download: No crush allowed.zip

"IX Mixed Tech" - The IX/sandworm side will build a mix of the three houses. Atreides Windtraps and light factory, Ordos barracks and ref, Harkonnen Outpost and heavy factory... Ix can build both trikes and raiders and the three special tanks; however can't build the high-tech factory or any Palace.
Download: IX Mixed Tech.zip
Preview: Ix Mixed tech.png.

"Emperor Battle For Dune: Final Assault": Lots of changes.
Download: Emperor Battle for Dune - Final assault.tib

Note: Keep in mind that those changes may affect other houses as well. I tried to avoid that, but in the "IX mixed Tech" The imperial side will have access to stuff that he usually don't have.

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I updated the first post to add a few more TibEd edits.

Anybody creating an Ix or an Emperor campaign would notice some problems with those Houses. As Ix, deploying a MCV the game crash, and as the Emperor the player can't build his own Imperial Palace.

Changing that it's very easy, but requires an external program (TibEd) plus have some experience with the tool. For that reason I decided to add those editions already done to make it easier for everyone.

There are a couple more, like making the tanks to no be able to crush foot units or including the only practice type of units (grenadier, Stealth Raider...); check the first post for more info.

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On 6/4/2018 at 6:10 AM, WindyQueen said:

image.png.514fdf3581bdea483858ec98f8decba4.pngHi, do you know how can I fix this when running tibed 1.71?

When/where/how that error happen? It's just as soon as opening the program or navigating? (you can try to redownload the program from tibEd.net and install again, just in case).

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