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Dune 2000 Turkish Translation v2

Mustafa Alperen Seki

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I could finish that earlier but i got busy with OpenRA mod so it delayed to today. Here is the new D2K Turkish Langauge Pack. This time it includes Turkish Characters thanks to WWFont Editor. It is agian not 100% complete but way more complete when compared to old one. Here are stuff i wrote the ReadMe file:


Dune 2000 Turkish Translation Pack by Mustafa Alperen "MustaphaTR" Seki

What Does This Pack Contain?

- Turkish Translation Pack is not exactly complate. But more complete than previous one. Mission Briefings and some stuff about
- Multiplayer Games are not translated. But most of the stuff you'll see during a SinglePlayer Gameplay are translated.

- UI elements that are in image format are also translated.

- Pack also includes Turkish Voiceover for Atreides Mentat. It is not best in Quality so it is your choice to use it or not.
- Other voices are not translated.

How to install?

- You need to copy the stuff in the rar file to "data" subfolder under your main Dune 2000 folder.

- Then open the Dune2000Config.exe and choose "Tur" for language.

- If for some reason Dune2000Config.exe not working, you can edit dune2000.ini with a text editor and change Language= under [Options] to Tur manually.

- If you don't wanna hear my annoying voice and go with English Atreides Mentat, instead of copying GAMESFXTur folder in the rar file, copy GAMESFXEng
- folder in your "data" subfolder and rename it to GAMESFXTur.

Is this only for Gruntmods Edition?

- Yes.

How to Uninstall?

- I doubt you need to, you can change the language setting back to Eng in the same way you changed to Tur without uninstalling this.

Alt. Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7o4jhyngxoz5gb2/Dune_2000_Turkish_Language_Patch.rar

But it is attached below too.


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihkfLkEYERM


To Gruntlord: I would love to see this included with Gruntmods Edition. And again ADD THE FIX FOR TEST MISSIONS.

Dune 2000 Turkish Language Patch.rar

Edited by Mustafa Alperen Seki
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