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How do I start Opendune ? There is no exe


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I'm not sure where you got OpenDune, but I'm assuming you're either looking at the source code, or a non-Windows release. Seems the downloads of the actual binaries (meaning, compiled executabled) of OpenDune are somewhat hidden away on the github page, under "code" -> "releases":


Under 0.8, choose the one most applicable to your OS. Assuming it's Windows, there's a 32-bit and a 64-bit version, so pick the one that corresponds to your system.

Do note that OpenDune is merely a reconstruction of the Dune II executable; you need the original Dune II data files to actually run it, of the 1.07 version of the game. The readme says all three known releases of Dune II v1.07 (US, EU and the 'HitSquad' EU version) are supported. You'll need to create a "data" folder to put them in, though.



If you're interested in a more upgraded version of OpenDune, though, with support for higher resolutions, on-the-fly zooming, multiple unit select and build queuing, you might want to look into Dune Dynasty instead.


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