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Dune 2 - Command Modding


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Hi there again!

I wanted to ask whether it was possible to modify the unit commands in Dune 2? Specifically, I've noticed that Area Guard has units always return to the point of their spawn, rather than the point of where they last stood. It's essentially a more powerful version of Retreat, since units return to their spawn positions, but will leave it to attack enemies. Instead, I'd like to be able to set a unit's 'default' position instead, by simply clicking the Area Guard command to set a new 'home' location.


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Well, it's probably technically possible to find where that code is located in the exe, and put some hacks in there... but just finding it might be quite a chore. It's possible Segra documented it in his research, though. You can check out his IDA databases here:

Will require that you have IDA though. Not sure if it's made with the free version.

Do note that you can't really hack the game to add extra code; you need space to add that code, and that's generally not available since the exe is already full. In some cases there are tricks you can apply to compact some asm commands to take a few less bytes, but you'll probably have to free up about 5-10 bytes to set the new home location. Not an easy task, and, you do need to know x86 assembler language and its 16 bit bytecode to pull it off.

As I said in the editor thread, might be easier to just use OpenDune, and edit it in C code instead of hacking the original exes.

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