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James Hill Railroad


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James hill Railroad    It can be won.  After playing for 7 or 8 years, for some reason time travel went backward to 1938 the original start date.  I had foreclosed on 3 Railroads in November 1942 or 43 buying all the stock I was allowed to own and then in January I merged the last 7 RRs.  

I paused, now owning all track and locomotives, everything on the map.  Then I noticed not one owner was worth a million dollars.  The lowerest was $ 380.K and the highest was $ 799.K   But the gold trigger didn't fire.   I'm thinking the trigger is out of order.  But the RR museum has two cells of track.  I think I accounted for those 2 cells.  The big thing is what caused the date to jump back 7 or 8 years,?????????????  I wasn't watching the clock.  I Didn't expect the date problem.

I expect the railroads will start up again, but for now I own everything except the gold in their pockets.  Adter dinner, I will run the clock again.  

I was planning to simplify the map anyway.  Too much micro-management as it is.      

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When I restarted the game 6 AI railroads restarted.  Only 3 had enough funds to build a RR.  But the same amount of money I started with returned to me and the start date was the old start date.

Some things stayed in the present.  (track and locos) 

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I think I'll go back to a saved game and see if the same thing happens again. 

Since almost all of the locomotives were running mostly on Hills track, there might be a connection or not ?

Hill had 67 locos in operation, most were Ex AI locos with a few on stand by. 

Hill had about 20 of his own locos with a few as standby units,  about 5 to 7.  

It was strange for MR HILL to get almost all of his money back. 

Maybe the AI LOCOS paid enough running on Hills track for a good return on Mr Hills investment.

In real life, Mr Hill would control the stock then take over a RR and close the unprofitable rail lines. 

The extra locos and equipment were used on Hills profitable rail lines.


How did the date change?  Jeffery you may be correct:  I saved over another saved map with too many changes. :$




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Gwizz,  did I picked the wrong thread.  I do remember brushing over the insert button when I went to submit a reply.  

Sorry about that.  I guess I was on vacation too long.  Went to the beach to watch the big waves come in.  

The storm's waves went too far off the coast too be worth seeing.  

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