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new map coming


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With all the storms this winter, it would seem, staying inside playing Railroad Tycoon would be the place to be. 

My two newest computers got sick and refused to work for over two months.  I thought both computers was IDE so I bought convertors and preceded to convert them to SATA.    So when a friend looked at the computers, he  said they were already set up to be SATA compatible.  ------------ I don't remember doing that. ---------  Ohhhhh,   don't get old.  

On the positive side, with all of the extra pieces, I might be able to put another computer into the working machines box.  

I'm also glad to see some RR activity at the Terminal .


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Blast from the past. The wife was playing RRT2 and asking me all sorts of questions, but I couldn't remember enough about the game to help her much. Did some searching and low and behold, here I am. Might have to fire up RRT2 and really see how much I don't remember. Nice to see some familiar faces still about as well. :)

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