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[RELEASE] Mercenaries: Choose your ally - Single Mission

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Some time ago I have an idea about giving the player a way to choose which side the Mercenaries will join. For a full campaign I didn't like the way I was taking it (at least for now), but I though that maybe I could create a single map exploring the idea.

This map is about the Mercenaries and the active choice for the player to select your own ally though the mission, depending of the offer (and the House) that the player likes more.

Every House has their own offer in credits, reinforcements and other stuff. Do you prefer the 4500 credits and quick reinforcements or the 9000 but weak reinforcements? Is up to the player to choose which ally you take.

It's the final battle. The three Big Houses are about to end this war. They want to hire mercenaries to help them. The Mercs hace the option to join which faction they (the player) want to fight for.

Name: Mercenaries - Choose your ally.
Tech level: 5 (6 for them).
Player: Mercenaries.
Ally: Atreides, Harkonnen or Ordos.
Enemy: Atreides, Harkonnen or Ordos.

Some images (depending on the chosen side).
Mercenaries joining Atreides.PNGMercenaries joining Harkonnen.PNGMercenaries joining Ordos.PNG

Mercenaries Choose your ally.rar

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