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Dune One


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I always loved Dune 1 like crazy. So much so I'm currently on my 3rd full play trough on my Android phone. I got a DosBox emulator and I'm going to attempt the Ecologic ending.

After playing almost all day, I came to this site to see if anyone had made a game based off of the first dune, anything, fan mod, fan game, etc.

I didn't find anything. So I started playing with XNALARA and NOVELTY, and started working on a visual novel for dune, to see how close I could get to the first game. Obviously I can't really draw that good, but here's a few concepts I've created, and shoved into one picture.


I has partly inspired by my Dune Avatar work and other things;


I could probably re-create all the RPG elements but none of the management ones properly, not with my limited skill base.

Anyhow, I don't have any plan on making a full fledged game, or even finish it, I'm mostly just toying with the program. If I do end up having something decent I'll release it here. I'm sharing this to see what people think, and perhaps inspire.

My current biggest challenge is just recreating all the palace rooms to look decent. Looking for models I own, or images off the web. I did get that dining room, but not crazy about it, I'm too picky.

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