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There is still a small community playing on Tunnge.

Download and install Tunngle and join us http://www.tunngle.net/en/ . Few players still play, mostly in the afternoons and evenings GMT.

The game runs good on Windows 10 an 7. On Windows 8 it will run a bit slow because Windows 8 do not emulate old directdraw games well.

Multiplayer will probably run too fast on mondern computers so it is a good thing to install MSI Afterbuner and its Riva tuner and limit FPS to around 30, like in all other C&C games like Tiberium Wars, Generals, Red Alert 3, where FPS is limited to 30 by default. In that way multiplayer will not be too fast and it will be the same speed as skirmish and singe player misions.

Come and jon, the more the merrier.

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