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Dune houses based on cultures/religions?


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Christians vs. the Wiccans.

House Atreides vs Harkonnen.


Is House Harkonnen based on Wiccan culture/Religion?  In the movie and dune games, like Dune 2000, and Emperor Battle For Dune.

-In Emperor Battle For Dune.  I've played through it.

There's the baron Valadimir, Rabban, and Feyd Rautha Wiccan.

-They have all the cutscenes on youtube, of House Harkonnen.  Has a Wiccan theme.



The Christians being the peacemakers, like House Atreides.

-I'm not sure what religion house Ordos is based on, it's 3rd party.

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The designs in Dune 2000 and Emperor are generally based on David Lynch's film. Whether Lynch or his crew made any specifically Wiccan references I have no idea. Some of Harkonnen designs were created by H. R. Giger.

In the books, Frank Hebert certainly addresses the topic of religion pretty frequently, but the Great Houses are not representations or allegories of any real-life religions, being secular political bodies.

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