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Multiplayer 2016

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Basically this: is there a way to successfully play a multiplayer game with a buddy over the Internet on Railroad Tycoon 2? We have the Steam version, and Steam doesn't have a server for the game.

We used Evolve, created a party, and are able to see the game one has created. But it will not join the server.

Sure be nice if somebody out there knows a way...

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Hey Jeff! Well first let me state: multiplayer is not what I thought it to be. It sucked. You can't pause the game when you need to cuz the other guy is needing it go continue for his income, so it winds up being a constant rush to make sure your trains are hauling loaded cars BEFORE they arrive at the station. Having a SLOWER turnaround actually is better. Not much fun, I'm a pause after EVERY train kinda guy (yeah first campaign scenario took me 1 hr to finish!).

Anyway, to get it to work you need a client (we used Evolve) and the other guys in a party. We then downloaded a folder called IPX Wrapper, moved some files into the RRT2 directory, then created a server using the IPX option in the game! Works great! Probably never play multiplayer again!

Jeff, if you EVER get your US History to work with Steam, please let me know. I have the Gold edition CD. I would certainly enjoy playing through that scenario.

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US History works fine with Steam. It's just my game patch that doesn't. All that means is that you miss out on most of the RR race during the Civ War.

The Gold CD might just possibly support my patch. I doctored the last patch of the platinum CD. If you back up your EXE and language files, then you could give it a try.

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