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One day, it just stopped launching...


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Hi, I am another die-hard fan of EBFD. I have Windows 7 home premium 64 bit and other than the occasional game crash, the game ran fine 99% of the time.

 One day, I decided to play and inserted the disk and clicked play on the auto-run screen as usual, but the game did not launch, and has never launched since. I've tried reinstalling using the hints on the forums, and while I can reinstall it, it still won't launch. 


Any thoughts?

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I reinstalled using the patch, and now I get a Game failed to launch error. The specific error is 0xc0000005 in GAME.exe. I have used the patch to install it and copied the game file specified to the emperor folder. Before I copied the file, I tried running it and it would not launch just like before. Error occurred after copying the file over and trying to launch again. I also placed Avast into silent/gaming mode still would not launch the game.

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I performed a clean install of Windows 10 on one of my PCs running WIN 7. After downloading the install fix and then copying the replacement Emperor.exe as suggested in the fix, it now works. It's version 1.04, will the update to 1.09 mess up anything? I wonder, and I will report my findings.

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