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Emperor vs D2K Modding


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tl;dr how can you get E:BfD resolution set to 1600 x 1200? Is this the highest resolution possible without having the game stretch the screen and causing UI buttons to not be positioned correctly?


D2K modding has been awesome! High res patch? Build queues? Skirmish allies? Excellent stuff, thank you for all your work guys, D2K has been resurrected!


But when it comes to Emperor, theres like barely anything. True, you can have more settings for units, like being able to make most units cloak by simply adding a check - unlike in D2K, with it's obscure bytes. But Emperor is new for me. Hell, I can't even figure out how to mod in the color red for skirmish! Theres no AI allies for skirmish either! This game can't even handle high resolutions! The highest I've got in the options menu is 1400 X 1050.


I'm curious if theres any group, like the D2K + mod site group, for Emperor? I'm dieing to get allies in Skirmish. I want to be able to test my mod in Skirmish with some AI back up, but I can't figure it out. Has anyone managed to get allied AIs in skirmish? If theres been any advancements in Emperor modding, I'd love to see any experiments you've got!


Currently I'm just making a balance mod, a mod that makes the game more interesting, with emphasis on infantry, less base building more fighting. I'm also trying to tweak the speed of units, and the speed of the game in general.


You ever notice how weird and unrealistic the Carryall speeds are? The Carryall  coasts in the sky in a real slow circle, but then it suddenly snaps out of it and4 speeds away at a sharp turn, lowers itself to the ground super fast, grabs hold of harvester and lifts off in the span of like 2 seconds? What the FUCK, man? Wheres the acceleration? Its breaking immersion.


The thing about Dune 2000 for me, was the realism so to speak. Compared to Command & Conquer 1 and Red Alert 1, Dune 2000 had the best unit proportions, the best representation of what you'd think the speed of each of those little pixelated units should be. It was the little things, like how the infantry would literally walk out of the front door of the barracks (instead of coming out of the side of it's wall) when they where done training, how the factories light up while creating tanks... it was realistic man!


Emperor is weird... but I love all the effort put into the game, especially the cutscenes! I wanna play the campaign again and mod the shit out of this game, but it looks like options are limited.


Come share your thoughts, fellow modder enthusiasts! Emperor is a cool game, but I'm frustrated at lack of skirmish options, lack of coop campaigns, etc... have you guys tackled any of this and procured new ways, new hacks?


Hell, I'm interested if anyone has a good trainer for the latest version of Emperor, I'd love to try that. Trainers are great for testing mod changes, so you can setup a base in skirmish real fast (instant build, unlimited resources, etc.) to test out new units and stuff.

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So, Apollyon has been the best, with his mini patch mod. It is still available for download, in his forum profile:




This mod makes you able to zoom the camera very far out, which is great for me because I can't get this game into 1920 x 1080. So being able to zoom waaay the hell out is the next best thing, it allows me more strategic control.


Another thing Apollyon has is an upgraded AI file. Upgrading the Skirmish AI is always a plus in my book.


Currently Mod DB only has two mods for Emperor! Google searching has lead me to a lot of Emperor mods talked about and released in the past on this site, before the forum change. But most of their links have been taken down. I got lucky with Apollyon's files, for he still has them under his profile.


Thanks Apollyon! If your out there bud, I'm wondering what your Guild Wars mod does? I downloaded it, but the zip file does not contain a readme file.

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