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Train Fever

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No. I have read mixed reviews about it, but the thing that has me unconvinced is my impression that roads and other traffic is a big part of gameplay in the economy of the game. I have never gotten into the transportation/city management games the way I have gotten into those based solely on railroads. I would probably have fun with it for awhile to learn how to play efficiently, but doubt I would be a long-term player. Not ruling out trying it one day though.

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It has been a while since I have taken the time to check thru the new "stuff" on the Terminal, so am at a loss of ""what is the Train Fever""?    I usually download scenerios into my inventory.   NOW, if it is a video game, that is a different avenue, as I have found a number of them which don't have support groups, so have stayed away from them.  BUT, am interested to the point of inquiry.  A reply would be appreciated, although it might be a time before I would respond.  Having problems with wrist tendenitis, so do limit my time with keyboards.   ;)

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