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Insane Lan Speed...

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I know this topic has come up many times before but...


Recently i have been putting a lot of effort and time into modding EBFD, you can see this in the editing section where i have posted a few threads (although never got any replies on any of them, it seems no one is modding Emperor anymore). One of the main purposes of my mod is to slow down the game so that it's not just idiotically fast paced 2 minute games and brain-dead 2 or 3 shots kills pretty much anything gameplay. I've redone the whole armour, warheads, bullets, build times, price etc systems to slowdown the gameplay and make the game more enjoyable.


Anyway lets cut to the chase. Recently i have been planning to play my mod over LAN with a brother, only to find all my effort has been wasted, because LAN seems to force the game to maximum speed regardless of what speed you set ingame. What a load of wank!!!!, my whole mod is based around the 6 gamespeed setting. So all the time i spent setting up precise build times and stuff are made pointless by the fact I'm forced to play the game at hyper speed over LAN, where you blink and the games over!


Has anyone found a solution to this problem, or a workaround?. Can the gamespeed be controlled when playing over the internet (XWIS?). What causes this? Is the gamespeed over LAN just forced to maximum or does it automatically adjust to the slowest computer over LAN which is obviously way more powerful than the recommend system requirements of EBFD these days?


This won't matter I'm sure, but here are my specs for both PC's anyway...


- AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4 GHz

- AMD Radeon HD 7850 XFX Core 2GB

- 8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM

- Windows 7 Ultimate x64


PC2 (laptop)

- Intel I5 2410M

- Intel HD Graphics 3000


- Windows 7 Home Premium x64


I hope someone can help me with this problem. Thanks in advance.

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I always feel like I'm typing to myself when i post here...





Further than that. I think no one can help you with this.


The question of course is: did you have this problem without modding?

And how come you can't set the game speed? Maybe you should do this ingame.

And hopefully it is a one time thing.


Sorry about the joke :D.

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Thats alright i can take a joke.


The problem is if you set the gamespeed to say 6 on LAN, either ingame or in options, the game will run at the correct speed for about 5 seconds then suddenly go back up to max speed again (8 or maybe more).


I myself haven't tested this in the vanilla game, but according to previous threads on this issue it happens on the standard game to.

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I have the same problem. It is windows 7 and the 64 bit, that causes problems already. Even before trying Lan.

Although, that is only temporary?


To avoid the speed, you might try setting up a secondary simulated environment just like dosbox. But then you choose windows XP (or less).

On both computers. A lot of work, but perhaps it helps. I know it helps for just 1 computer :).


If it doesn't work for the Lan, sorry. I can not give you any new idea's.

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Have you tried it yet? I mean, the operating system simulation.

If XP doesn't work, try lower.

Or try to simulate less bits then 64.

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I don't think that will work, I think it's something to do with gamespeed bar being bugged, or disabled for some reason in LAN. Like i said the gamespeed bar works perfectly everywhere except when playing LAN where it doesn't make any difference to the game speed.


It's alot of effort too, I already have a XP virtual machine on the laptop but the other PC doesn't.


There has be some previous threads about this issue. Here are a couple of them.



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