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Just wanted to brag, uh I mean... lament...


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This weekend I'm going to be around them Westwood people. This means of course that I'll have to play Red Alert 2 and Renegade, and pick up WW stuff. And I'll have an awesome time with my buddies. Yeah, I'll be living it up without you guys.

I mean darn!

I've heard rumors of dune3k so I will ask this of them.

Not that any of that stuff matters. I just, well, wanted to brag.


(Reminds himself to get that Ordos pin he left out last year.)

Anyone know how many posts Stefan is going to have to read when he gets back?

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I've been talking to a bunch of friends who went down there on the 21st of July, they got to play RA2 (not renengade though cause it was being worked on at the time)

Be sure to play Chris Rubyor at RA2  :)

oh yeah also say hi to Joe Kucan he's really funny  ;)

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