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Kazakhstan Is an interesting country.  The people seem to have a past full of possible events.


I'm relating what I discovered in Kazakhstan's short history that could be made into events.


I'm perfectly happy with helping Bas build a passenger map.  What ever his choices are fine with me.



As I read about today history in the making. I'm wondering what the futures holds for us. 


The world is rapidly changing.  Maybe not so good for some.

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I took a look at your map.  I'm going to call it as it is.  Don't be upset with me.


Your rivers need some work.  You can make them all flow in the correct direction.


I normally add the hills first and then the rivers but not always.  If you like I will work on the hills and rivers for you. 


I think I still have a topo map of the area.


I didn't see Russia listed and it would help to make counties in caps and cities in small letters.  


Some cities are too close together.  One large station can cover 3 or more cities. 


To keep the cities,  I'll some times make a lot of very small cities close together. 


I'm not too sure on how to make this into a passenger map yet and still keep player interest. 




Well, for a good map, we still need a story line.   I have some dates for pipe line construction.


I think I'll look up industry and farming production and add What you wrote about above and put it down on paper.


There should be some history on the net about railroads.  I may have some books and of course the two wars will add some interest. 


And the early years should be interesting as well.  There was some movies made about different people who lived in that early peroid.


I have a set of old 1926 history books There is a lot of ground to cover.  Do you want to include the train rides to death ordered by


Germany and Russia?  Russia hauled a lot of food away from people who starved to death for lack of food. 

So you meant the cities in Uzbekistan, right? Because the cities in Kazakhstan itself are pretty far apart. The rivers are good to me, but I will have another look at it. I'll delete some cities in Uzbekistan.


Now with Russia, I deliberately didn't add any cities there because I find that unrealistic. BUT I've got a really, really good idea. What if I add the rails in Russia, China and Uzbekistan, but I will leave Kazakhstan blank? That's good and realistic for the player. The player can lay track in Kazakhstan and lay them to the border of those countries, to join the rails that I already laid there, so the player can transport certain cargoes from another country. The player has to pay a lot of money to run trains in that country, but is required to reach some goals in the game. If that's a good idea, I will start editing the map right away.

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Remember it is your map and if you have an  idea  then go for it. Let us follow.


I'm one who likes to pre plan ready built track  Most people don't.  Because, when I let the AI build track, it is not always the best placement of trackage.


I have to keep remembering I'm helping you on a RRT3 map and not on a RRT2 map.  


If I remember correctly river cells on a RRT3 map should all touch.  Otherwize you can run track over a river without a bridge.

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I watched a DVD called Journey Along The Silk Road.  A lot of railroading to watch.  All Diesels.  There was a train pulling oil cars from Russia.


Otherwise it was about passenger train service and border problems.  A man from Japan made this movie of his travels along the Silk Road.


There was a lot of mixed gauges and track that was not being used because of disputes between countries or peoples. 


I didn't realize how close the rail lines came to Russia and through countries that Russian had given independance to. 


It suprised me just how friendly the people were to a stranger.   The people for religlous reasons didn't like each other but loved to meet a stranger.

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